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I have a minimum of $10,000 AUD monthly revenue
Your business is at least 6 months old
Have an active ABN/ACN

Access to Inventory

cogsflow covers your inventory cost which allows you to invest that money back into your business and ultimately grow your business.

Unlock cashflow

One of the biggest benefits of inventory financing is that it frees up cash flow that otherwise be tied up in inventory.

Shared risk partner

Our repayment is dependent on your businesses sales. We want to support businesses in the low times and win together in the good times.

Our Customers Love What We Do

cogsflow has been instrumental in giving us the confidence to grow our business, making it much easier for us to go national.”


“The access to capital to grow our business and the ease of understanding the deal proposition. cogsflow buys the product, we sell the product, we pay cogsflow.”

Co-Founder / CEO

“Without cogsflow we would have struggled to maintain our stock levels and in turn our sales...
Working with a team of people who believe in our business and are prepared to help us reach our potential.”

Founder / Director

Frequently Asked Questions?

How much funding could I get?

We can fund between $10,000 AUD and $500,000 AUD at a time.

What do I need to qualify for funding?

1. Have a minimum of $10,000 monthly revenue
2. Your business is at least 6 months old
3. Have an active ABN/ACN

How does cogsflow funding work?

1. You apply for funding with cogsflow.
2. Our model uses your eCommerce performance and your ABN data to build you a unique offer for capital at a flat fixed fee.
3. You use the funding to grow your revenues.
4. You pay back the original funding as well as the fixed fee with a percentage of your daily sales revenue.

You don't give up any stake in your business and, unlike a loan, your total repayment is capped from the start.

Does my business qualify for cogsflow funding?

Currently cogsflow funds most small and medium sized eCommerce or inventory-based businesses. Right now, we don't fund perishable items, tobacco or building materials.

Why do cogsflow need access to my data?

In order to tailor a funding solution to your business we will ask you to provide access to accounting and point of sale data, allowing us to calculate the lowest possible rate. We can use this information to predict what cogsflow purchasing can do to grow your business and provide a fair offer.