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Solve Your Cashflow Crisis

Spending every available cent buying inventory and still can't get ahead? We can help

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Why use cogsflow?

Stop Stock-outs 

Make sure you get every sale, by ensuring you always have stock available.
Don't wait until you have enough cash to place the order. Place it when your business needs it.

Sharing the journey

We grow with you; as you grow we're able to cover more of your needs. Our customers use us repeatedly, unlocking their cash to create more opportunities.

Unlock cash

Stop spending all your available cash on MOQ inventory restocking to keep up with your orders. Spend it on marketing, or product development, or whatever you need to really grow your business.

how it works

Taking your business to
the next level


Connect your accounts

Connect your accounting, e-commerce and inventory management software. We will evaluate and make an offer.


Agree a Purchase Order

We finance specific Purchase Orders. Between us we'll agree on a specific order to finance. We'll place the order with the supplier and ship the product to you.


Repay it

We agree a sales schedule for you to buy the products from us. This can be a fixed set of amounts over a fixed term, or a percentage of revenue, or even a fixed markup on each sale.



No need to wait for a schedule to complete before going again. Because we finance Purchase Orders we can agree further deals while the first one is completing. Your business can grow as fast as you like.

Empowering businesses

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