Unlock growth and unmet demand

cogsflow provides entrepreneurs in high growth eCommerce businesses access capital without requirements for personal guarantees or equity dilution. 

We interface with our customer SaaS and banking data sources to provide growth analytics and actionable insights to unlock new and/or unmet demand.

cogsflow's affiliate marketplace allows both suppliers and customers to connect on additional growth and cross selling opportunities.

how it works

Taking your business to
the next level


Connect your accounts

Connect your accounting, e-commerce and inventory software. We evaluate and make an offer


Forecasting & actionable insights

Provide growth analytics to unlock new or unmet demand


Performance based finance

Inventory funding without personal guarantees or equity dilution


Accelerate growth & profitability

Marketplace for COGSflow community providing affiliate growth opportunities

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is COGSflow?

COGSflow works with Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) and Cash Flow. We combine tech and finance to unlock and generate growth in small and medium sized businesses, by purchasing inventory orders and offering insights.

Why does COGSflow want to grow my business?

COGSflow understands how hard it can be to run a business. We aim to take away the stresses of paying bills by purchasing inventory invoices, freeing up your cash and time so you can focus on what you do best. We see so many innovative idea we think the world needs! We help you grow your dream.

How does COGSflow funding work?

COGSflow purchases the inventory from you supplier and pays them directly. This means COGSflow owns the stock and a new cost price for the inventory is set. Your repayments start when the item is sold.

Does my business qualify for COGSflow funding?

Currently COGSflow funds most small and medium sized eCommerce or inventory-based businesses. Right now, we don't fund perishable items, tobacco or building materials. For more information please join the waitlist and a customer success specialist will be in contact.

Why do you need access to my data?

In order to tailor a funding solution to your business we will ask you to provide access to accounting and point of sale data, allowing us to calculate the lowest possible rate. We can use this information to predict what COGSflow purchasing can do to grow your business and provide a fair offer.