Entrepreneurs and business owners are increasingly finding it challenging to access fair and affordable funding flexible enough to free up cash flow in modern technology-enabled inventory businesses. Often, founders give up equity (disproportionate to the returns their company will ever make) or sign personal guarantees to buy stock, logistics, freight, or advertising. Cogsflow solves this lop-sided equation by partnering with our customers and sharing their risks. We provide non-dilutive funding, do not require personal guarantees, and are flexible based on business performance, sales, and cash flow. With the right partner in growth, these challenges are avoidable and are the challenges with which we love helping our customers every day.

They don't forecast accurately 

Planning is complex, business conditions are uncertain and nailing the right amount of inventory is part art, part science and a touch of good fortune. When business owners launch their ventures, most don't have an accounting degree or hands-on accountant who can accurately forecast their growth in a way that will confidently allow them to plan for the future. 

At cogsflow, we solve this by using our customers' existing data points to analyse and forecast where profitable growth opportunities exist. We plug this into our analytics and AI engine that makes synthesis and analysis of this data second to none. 

When a business can tell its company story through data, it can take more informed actions. Leveraging a customer's forward-looking data through technologies and integrating directly with their eCommerce, demand planning, and bank accounts allows our proprietary algorithms and analytics to weave together the actual narrative of a business. We use this analysis to determine their business's financial health, and by unlocking these forward-looking data sources, we solve cash flow and fund new growth.

Fortune favours the prepared.

They don't know how to scale sustainably 

Again, business owners are usually experts in their products and market, not supply chain and financial management. They'd probably work in procurement if that were the case rather than pour blood, sweat and tears into their venture.

Cash flow constraints are not only an actual barrier to buying what's necessary to grow but also a significant emotional burden for business owners. So it stands to reason that many Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) often struggle to balance profits while scaling sustainably. Opportunities can be unfulfilled while juggling a hundred balls they have in the air.

Because COGSflow partners with its customers, we keep an eye on supply chain and financial management, letting business owners do what they do best. Run their business.

They face unfair hurdles in accessing finance 

Looking at binary historical data and models and taking weeks or months to make funding decisions in today's consumer economies is archaic. These models can no longer predict future growth opportunities. Because we partner and share risk, we don't need personal guarantees or assets. Giving up equity is the most expensive form of funding a business owner will likely accept.

Leveraging a customer's technology allows a real-time view of their business operations. Reviewing financial, growth, supply chain, and marketing data removes the inherent bias in traditional funding that influences who gets funded and why. Technologies enable real-time access to data required to make fast and tailored funding offers to customers.

The best part? The businesses we work with can use our insights to grow faster and focus on the bigger picture.

Feel free to reach out if you're interested in seeing how we can help you grow hello@cogsflow.com